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Lynnette Brown
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A psychic since childhood, Lynnette walked away from a career in the legal industry, working for a prominent law firm in Texas, to live the life of her dreams. She is an internationally known intuitive utilizing her powerful skills to reveal insights of healing and guidance for her clients and audiences. She is an entertaining speaker, teacher, coach and business intuitive with wide audience appeal. She facilitates workshops nationwide about intuitive development, relationships, empowerment and living the life of your dreams.

These are the classes offered by Lynnette Brown:
Intuitive Success Workshop

Why do some people succeed easily, while others fail despite making extraordinary efforts? Do you want to experience true accomplishment and success? If so, this is the workshop for you!
This unforgettable experimental workshop with renowned intuitive and Hay House author, Lynnette Brown will integrate the expertise and lessons of her bestselling and upcoming books to inspire and guide you to create opportunity, abundance and power by re-patterning limiting behaviors to create the life of your dreams.

Topics covered include:
* Activate, refine and master your innate intuitive abilities
* Use intuition to discover and create opportunities in any area
* Enhance your manifesting abilities
* Learn how to create mental " Success patterns " TM
* Reveal the unconscious ways you stop your success
* Discover techniques to support you in having accomplishment in every area of your life
* Reinvent yourself and your life.

She will also give random intuitive readings for the audience throughout the event.

Re-Invent Your Life, Now
Do you have too much money? Is your life extraordinary? Is the quality of your relationships exquisite? Is your personal productivity level off the chart?

Many people are experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime right now. Are you seizing the day and taking action to fulfill your lifetime dreams?
In this amazing hands on workshop with renown intuitive and Hay House author, Lynnette Brown, you will experience new techniques and modalities to guide you through the re-invention process of any area of your life that has you feeling unsatisfied.
In this day and a half workshop, with an architect of change, you will work on a specific aspiration. By the time you leave on Sunday, you will have a plan to fulfill it. Many have expressed an actual positive and permanent shift in their quality of life after taking this class, as it redefines your life from ordinary to magical!

We will cover: Emotional Freedom Technique, Success Patterning (tm), Conscience Strategies for Abundance, Releasing of Limitations, Passive Receptivity, Universal Principles, and Millionaire Mindset.

Lynnette will also give random intuitive readings for the audience throughout the event, and will be available for private sessions after the event.