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Lisa Hodgens
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Dr. Hodgens has more than 30 years experience teaching writing.
She has experience with the Ira Progoff journal writing method, the Kathleen Adams Journal to Self method, and many others.
She is a Professor of English (in journal writing, grammar and spelling do not count!) at Piedmont College and former editor of the Habersham Review.

These are the classes offered by Lisa Hodgens:
Writing For Well-Being: Transitions
This is a workshop to help you learn to use writing as a way to ease into transitional changes in your life. High school to college, college to work, work to retirement, marriage, divorce, etc.

Writing For Well-Being: Heal, Change, or Grow
More than one hundred studies published in such reliable journals as Journal of the American Medical Association, New England Journal of Medicine and Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology support the thesis that writing can be powerfully therapeutic for the body and mind.

This workshop will be an introduction to using writing as a way to heal, change, and/or grow. You will determine your own goals, such as:
- writing the body
- healing from a traumatic event
- transitioning from one stage of life to another
- developing a deeper knowledge of self
- finding home
- writing your story
- learning self-care
- tapping your creativity

You decide.

Materials needed: pens, pencils, colored pencils, 3 ring binder 1 ½, loose-leaf paper, dividers, and sketch paper. You may also use a bound journal if you like.

Four Week Series