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Carol Christa
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Carol has been consciously studying and working with Energy for 30 years. She has been teaching Energy classes and hosting Healing Clinics for 5 years in the Atlanta and Chicago areas. She has a nationwide private practice in Energy Clearing, Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing, DNA Reprogramming, and House/Business Clearing. You can speak with Carol at 770-447-0065 or contact her through this site.

These are the classes offered by Carol Christa:
Personal Energy Management
Learn how to purge from your life what you don't want, such as fear, judgement, jealousy, resentment, have to's, ought to's and should's (from yourself and others ), and learn how to change your energy to bring in what you do want. Then learn how to protect yourself from the bombardment of other peoples energy and become the Master of your Energy, your Space.